With a throughput of up to 60 passengers per minute, Travizory’s Biometric Corridor completely revolutionizes the passenger experience. Authorities can take action to handle passengers on arrival according to the pre-travel risk assessment. 

This innovative “plug-and-play” automated border control solution is an extension of our eVisa and electronic Travel Authorization or ETA systems.

Travizory’s Biometric Corridor in Operation

The walk-through facial recognition corridor enables fast processing and effective screening of travelers on arrival. The corridor identifies each passenger by matching their face with the selfie and passport image uploaded during the pre-travel enrolment phase. 

Unlike traditional ABC Gates, travelers do not have to stop and present their passport or Digital Travel Credential. Instead the system can recognise them as they pass through the Biometric Corridor, using only their face.

Key benefits

  1. Quickly categorize individual travelers based on pre-travel risk-assessment
  2. Verify traveler identity on-the-move
  3. Eliminate queues with walk-through facial matching
  4. Contactless and paperless screening for health and security risks 
  5. Thermal cameras to flag potentially high-risk travelers

Why do Governments need a Biometric Corridor?

Traveler numbers have reached an all-time high and are expected to keep growing. Governments, border agents and airports are looking for solutions that help them to facilitate these large numbers of people without compromising on security. The Biometric Corridor is designed to improve passenger flow at ports of entry and exit, while using facial biometric technology to identify persons of interest on the move. 

The Biometric Corridor is a core module within Travizory’s end-to-end Visitor Management Platform. It can be integrated with the electronic Travel Authorization and eVisa modules to enhance physical passenger screening at ports of entry, and conduct contactless health checks.