Security and privacy are of paramount importance to us

Travizory is committed to building products and solutions that aim to deliver both security and privacy. Travizory has extensive experience in safeguarding personal data and helping our customers, that must comply with the highest standards of security (e.g., governments, other public authorities and organizations, such as transport carriers and event organizers), to meet their legal obligations when it comes to privacy and security.

Travizory respects and is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals, including protecting any personal information of visitors on our Websites as well as any personal information we may process in connection with all Travizory products and solutions. It is Travizory’s goal to balance the benefits of the business with the right of individuals to prevent the misuse of their personal data.

Travizory is accountable for its privacy practices and adheres to the key privacy principles of GDPR:

  1. Personal data must always be processed lawfully, fairly, and transparently with regards to the data subject.
  2. Personal data can only be collected for specified, explicit, and legitimate purposes that are clearly described to the data subject.
  3. Only personal data that is necessary for the purpose of the business function is collected.
  4. Personal data is always kept accurate and current and any errors are rectified as soon as they are made known.
  5. Personal data is not retained longer than required for the purposes or function defined and agreed for processing.
  6. The confidentiality and integrity of personal data is always maintained.

We continuously look for ways to strengthen our privacy practices and protections both in designing and providing our products and solutions, as well as in our internal operations. Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions or concerns regarding the privacy practices at Travizory.