Analysis finds that most countries are not implementing end-to-end eVisa systems for application, vetting, approval, issuance and management

Analysis from Swiss border technology company, Travizory Border Security, has revealed that the majority of Governments worldwide risk missing out on the full benefits of an end-to-end eVisa system by focusing instead solely on an online Visa application process. 

Travizory’s team analyzed the Visa systems of 75 countries across Latin America, Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. The overwhelming majority of the “eVisa” systems reviewed were found to be no more than online Visa application portals that do not include capabilities to facilitate the work of Immigration and Border Officials. Features that were noted as absent include: secure application document scanning, validation of application documents, facial biometric capture and facial recognition, identity resolution, profiling, and watchlist matching, eVisa issuance, generation of secure Digital Travel Credentials, and eVisa management (post issuance).

The analysis found that 96% of countries in the Latin America & Caribbean region, for example, rely on manually intensive traditional visa processing (such as visa-at-embassy or on-arrival), while 4% claim to have implemented an eVisa system. The analysis conducted by Travizory established that these “eVisas” were just an online Visa application portal. No end-to-end eVisa system exists in the region. 

In many cases, a sticker or stamp was found to still be in use while some countries required the electronic Visa to be printed and presented with the passport on arrival.  In India, the “eVisa” system is a web portal that allows travelers to apply online and receive an approved “Visa” via email, but the Visa must still be printed and presented to the Immigration Officer on arrival.

Similarly, according to the Visa Openness Index, 24 countries in Africa have implemented an “eVisa” system. Travizory’s analysis found that while the Visa application has been moved online (via a web portal), the vast majority of countries – including South Africa – still require printed copies of the electronic Visa to be presented at the border. 

A true end-to-end electronic Visa (or eVisa for short) is one that is managed entirely in a digital environment, from start to finish – eliminating physical paperwork, passport stickers and stamps. On approval, the eVisa system issues a Digital Travel Credential (DTC) which is linked to the passport. On departure, from the port of origin, the traveler’s DTC is verified by the Check-In staff agent.  On arrival, at the destination country, travelers do not need to present the DTC as this can be accessed centrally by the Border Agent as needed.   

The adoption of an end-to-end eVisa system also reduces the risk of falsified or tampered visas being used to gain entry to your country. Using the latest technologies, including AI and facial biometrics, border agents are able to verify in real time whether the eVisa is genuine or not. 

By migrating to an end-to-end eVisa system, Governments stand to benefit from significant cost savings, greater efficiency, effectiveness, and enhanced security through robust vetting and identity verification. 

Travizory Border Security has developed the market’s only AI-powered end-to-end eVisa system for Governments that are looking to modernize their border security systems. The innovative eVisa system supports the Visa process from start to finish: application, risk-assessment, approval, issuance, and Visa management – all done in a digital environment. 

Using innovative  technologies such as AI, machine learning and exploiting the benefits of facial biometrics, Travizory’s eVisa system is the most advanced on the market and represents a step-change in Visa management for Governments worldwide. 

Jorge Ramirez, Managing Director (Americas), Travizory Border Security, said: “As a tech company, we welcome digitization in all forms and are pleased to see the growing demand for digital solutions around the world. It is clear that Governments are recognising the significant benefits that come with digitalization and Travizory stands ready to support countries on their journey. It is unfortunate that so many great destinations are reliant on half-baked systems that only digitize the Visa application and don’t go far enough to fully transform the end-to-end Visa process. A true eVisa system is a powerful tool for Governments looking to both enhance security and facilitate travel to their nation.”