An eVisa system facilitates the application and approval process for travel permits. Governments can benefit greatly by digitalizing the eVisa process: from application to vetting, approval and issuance. By eliminating the need to travel to an embassy or consulate, the experience for travelers is also greatly improved. 

Globally, more than 60 countries have successfully implemented an eVisa system – reducing administrative costs of traditional processing and saving significant time and resources as a result. Research has shown with the launch of an eVisa system, embassies can save up to 24 working days by reducing administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments and scanning core documents. An eVisa system is also linked to an increase in consular fees and the removal of costs related to purchasing visa stickers in the case of e-Visas. 

Key benefits of an eVisa: 

  • Real-time risk-assessment and applicant vetting
  • Enhanced border security and threat mitigation
  • Streamlined border control 
  • Facilitate safe tourism and promote your destination 

Using Travizory’s end-to-end eVisa system, border and law enforcement agencies can verify, risk-assess and approve individual travelers via a single online portal. The eVisa system collects biometric and biographic data from the traveler which is cross-checked against national Visa requirements and international watchlists. A cross-agency approach allows greater transparency, collaborative working and enhanced security checks. The eVisa system is also much faster and efficient, using the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to automate identity verification and document validation. 

What is an eVisa system or eVisa platform?

An eVisa system is a powerful tool that helps Governments modernize their visa application process, enhance risk-assessment and vetting, promote efficiency and facilitate a fast and secure travel experience. 

An eVisa system is a digital, end-to-end platform designed to facilitate the application and approval process for travel permits. An eVisa system or eVisa platform allows applicants and border agencies to interact digitally, which also eliminates paperwork and manual processing. On approval, an individual is issued a tamper-proof electronic permit, eVisa or Digital Travel Credential (DTC). By removing the need for a physical sticker, Governments can make significant cost savings and reduce travel costs for applicants who often make lengthy journeys to embassies or consulates.

Why do Governments need an eVisa system?

For Governments, an eVisa system guarantees greater security and more robust passenger screening. Unlike a Visa-on-Arrival or Visa-at-Embassy process, high-risk individuals can be identified in real-time, pre-travel using the eVisa platform. Travel and health documents can be verified in minutes and automated alerts can be implemented to support border agents in their work. For law enforcement, immigration and customs agents, the eVisa system is a tool to augment and enhance their work, allowing them to be more focused on the cases that require their specialized attention. 

Download Travizory’s 2023 eVisa Insights Report for more information on how Government can benefit from the implementation of an eVisa system. 

For travelers, an eVisa system enables a simple, online application process – which can be done from the comfort of their home. This convenient and efficient service matches modern traveler expectations and helps the applicant to feel peace-of-mind and confidence about their journey and experience on arrival.