The Travizory team exhibited at the 18th Symposium on the ICAO Traveller Identification Programme (TRIP) where they showcased our eVisa system, API-PNR and Border Management System to the distinguished delegates. Our expert team included Travizory CEO, Renaud Irminger; CRO, Ygor Lutz and regional Managing Directors Tom Marten and Jorge Ramirez.

Travizory was pleased to meet with a wide range of senior delegates as well as a senior delegation from the Republic of Seychelles – one of our long-term Government partners. Commenting on the presentation from Principal Secretary for Civil Aviation, Mr. Alan Renaud on the topic: “Issuing an ePassport – Seychelles’ Digital Border Strategy”, CEO Renaud Irminger said:

“I am extremely proud of the everything that my team has achieved in partnership with the Government of Seychelles and I am pleased to see ICAO recognise the big strides that Seychelles has made in border security and traveler identification over the past few years. The Seychelles Electronic Border System is an advanced Border Security platform, powered by our technology, that is helping to secure Seychelles’ borders while also facilitating a truly world-class arrival experience.”