Airtel is Seychelles’ first telecoms provider to sell SIM card services to inbound tourists via the Seychelles Electronic Border System platform

Airtel Seychelles and Travizory are pleased to announce that inbound tourists to Seychelles will now be offered Airtel SIM card services when they complete their Travel Authorization via the Seychelles Electronic Border System platform.

This service is currently being trialed for passengers arriving daily on EK707. The visitors can now purchase SIM cards along with their Travel Authorizations saving them time in obtaining a SIM card upon arrival. Once the trial is completed and the process runs smoothly, the service will be gradually extended to all visitors coming into the Seychelles.

The first tourist to purchase a SIM card as part of the TA application process arrived on Thursday, September 29 th. When they arrived at the airport, they were greeted by Airtel Seychelles and Travizory representatives, who handed them their activated SIM card and a welcome gift. Commenting on the new service, Mr. Ahmad, one of the first travelers to purchase his SIM card online, said: “It’s the first time I’ve had the option of purchasing my SIM card prior to my trip, and it’s really nice not to have to queue when you arrive. It’s a fantastic innovation, and my stay is off to a great start.”

The SIM card service is the first of its kind in the Seychelles, and it allows tourists to purchase a local SIM card before arriving and then simply pick it up at the Airtel kiosk at the airport. By scanning the QR code from the Travel Authorization, Airtel can easily collect all the required information from the traveler, such as name and passport number, in a digital format. This will enable fast identity verification before the SIM card is handed over.

Travizory and Airtel only share traveler information that is required under the laws of Seychelles and must be collected for each SIM card holder – whether resident or visitor.

It is anticipated that the service will further enhance the travel experience for tourists, giving them on-the-go access to essential products and services via an easy-to-use platform. By partnering with Travizory to make the service available via the Seychelles Electronic Border System, tourists can confidently make use of the Government-sanctioned service and connect to the internet as soon as they land.

The provision of this service via the Seychelles Electronic Border System platform was approved by the Ministry of Transport.

Since the beginning, Travizory’s vision was to make international travel seamless and digital, and this deal goes a long way to helping achieve that vision. By offering these additional services on the platform, visitors can simply use their QR code to verify their identity – instead of having to walk around with their passport and other valuable documents in their bags or pockets. It’s also a more secure way of sharing personal data and speeds up what can often be a lengthy process when done manually, in-person. Airtel, a global company that, like Travizory, launched its first customer in Seychelles, is the perfect launch partner for this initiative and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship. It is important to note that our efforts will not end here; we hope to collaborate with other telecommunication companies and partners in other sectors to provide visitors with even more options.

Ygor Lutz, Travizory Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer

Since 1998, Airtel has been at the forefront of innovation and technology in the Seychelles. Indeed, Airtel was the first operator to introduce innovative and digital services such as prepaid services, 3G/4G services, Tier III Data center, and so on. Our goal is to constantly innovate and provide the best experience to our customers. Through this partnership with Travizory, we affirm our commitment to always providing the best to our subscribers by allowing them to purchase their SIM card in a few clicks during the submission of their TA application, but we also affirm our contribution to Seychelles’ digitalization.

Amadou Dina, Managing Director, Airtel Seychelles,