Travizory continues to offer pro-bono services to SPHL and issue EU Standard certificates

Seychelles citizens and residents who are tested by the Seychelles Public Health Laboratory (SPHL) for COVID-19 can now benefit from EU Standard Test certificates – supporting growing numbers of overseas travelers. The EU Standard Certificates aim to facilitate the free movement of people within Europe and other states.

Since January 2021, SPHL has issued more than 180,000 PCR test certificates using Travizory technology. The technology powering these certificates was offered at no cost to help the country manage the COVID-19 crisis.

Now the secure 2-D barcode certificates being issued by SPHL have been upgraded to meet the EU standard. By adopting internationally compliant certificates, the government aims to facilitate travel by making it simple and safe for Seychellois when traveling overseas. 

Adopting this standard is a big step toward making sure that Seychelles keeps up with best practices and that Seychellois can get certificates that are recognized around the world. 

Dr. Leon Biscornet, Head of Lab, Seychelles Public Health Laboratory, said: 

“Travizory very rapidly provided us with a solution to deliver the results of PCR tests to our clients from the time of the very high volume of samples up until now. We are very pleased with the additional features of the new platform, which additionally allows the delivery of text messages along with the certificates! The EU standard COVID-19 certificates will allow seamless travel for our clients in countries that have implemented such standards, and so we are very grateful to Travizory for helping us deliver to the customers’ satisfaction, which is a very important part of the SPHL’s quality management system mission statement.”

Renaud Irminger, Travizory CEO, said:

“Travizory is pleased to continue to do our pro bono work for the Seychelles Public Health Authority. We assisted SPHL in digitizing their certificates in January 2021 and have issued over 180,000 digitally secure and verifiable certificates at no cost to residents and visitors alike. It was important for us to provide the Seychelles with EU compatibility even though COVID-19 is fading away, as the EU scheme is likely to become a world standard for future pandemics. So it is important for every country to learn about such an approach.”