Technology has historically been deployed across various sectors to simplify processes, increase efficiency, and make services more accessible to a wider audience. We’ve seen it in banking and financial services (FinTech), health (MedTech), even in education (edTech), where digital solutions completely revolutionize how we interact and share data with service providers. 

Travel and border security should be no different. Research confirms a growing traveler appetite for digital solutions and products that can make their lives easier – with border processes and immigration often listed as the biggest barrier when making travel decisions.

It is here that Travizory’s BorderTech solutions offer significant value. Offering the next-generation of border security solutions, Travizory incorporates facial biometrics, artificial intelligence and big data analytics to increase security, maximize efficiency and improve accuracy.

Applying learnings from other sectors defines Travizory’s approach to innovation and design. With in-depth knowledge of the border security ecosystem, the technology developed by our team of experts pinpoints challenges and offers robust solutions. 

Border officers are armed with actionable intelligence to make timely decisions about traveler risk and admissibility. Predictive risk assessment and classification, real-time alerts, identity verification, and document validation allow security checks to be done upstream before the traveler departs their country of origin. This gives governments full control over who is permitted to travel and ensures a more efficient process at entry and exit. 

Travizory’s Integrated Border Security System

Beyond the border, Travizory is pioneering a multi-agency approach to visitor management that is not solely focused on immigration. Various stakeholders, including customs, law enforcement, intelligence, and civil aviation can capitalize on the real-time nature of the system to support robust decision-making.  

Unlike legacy systems that remain on offer today, Travizory’s system is agile, flexible and responsive. Our fully integrated platform includes an electronic Travel Authorization system, eVisa Management system, and API-PNR. With all traveler data accessible via a single platform, silos are eliminated and greater collaboration between agencies is encouraged. 

At the heart of Travizory’s mission is the commitment to providing a fully integrated, seamless visitor management experience. For border officers, this means simplified decision-making and enhanced operational efficiency. State security can predict and anticipate future risks, while agencies such as tourism and finance can analyze trends and adjust activities accordingly. 

Travelers on the other hand, benefit from a secure and smooth experience, with minimized wait times and streamlined entry processes. This dual focus ensures border crossings are more secure and pleasant for all parties. 

In line with ICAO and IATA standards, our BorderTech solutions enhance security, increase visibility and insight about travelers, and facilitate a world-class experience on entry and exit.

  • Greater Security: Robust passenger identity verification and predictive risk assessment.
  • Enhanced Facilitation: Biometric biometric screening at ports of entry/exit; mobile-based enrolment and document validation
  • Rich Insight: Real-time data and in-built business intelligence and trend analysis 
  • Digital Borders: Mobile-first, agile experience for travelers and government officials

As the world continues to navigate the complexities of global travel and security, Travizory’s pioneering digital border solutions become increasingly vital. To varying degrees, governments and industry players have implemented new technologies to combat rising traveler numbers and ever-pervasive threats. However, these systems continue to be implemented in siloes, creating gaps and blind spots at the border. 

With its sophisticated portfolio of BorderTech solutions, commitment to seamless and secure experiences, and proven track record of successful deployments, Travizory stands out as a leader in the digital transformation of border management. With a focus on integrating seamless border control experiences for officers and ensuring secure, hassle-free journeys for travelers, Travizory is redefining how borders operate in the digital age.