Guarantee a world-class travel experience on arrival and departure, with a Digital Tourism Pass – enabling a completely secure, digital and paperless experience without any queues at each stage of the journey.. 

Give visitors on-the-go access to products and services while in-country before they arrive, and enable smart analysis of real-time visitor data. 

Our solution provides you with the tools to effectively conduct in-country monitoring; insights to support short-term decision making and; data to drive long-term strategy and boost your tourism sector.

By simply downloading a mobile app or visiting a website, visitors can:

  • submit documents for border entry-exit
  • select fast track / VIP lanes on arrival and departure
  • purchase access to VIP lounges
  • Purchase local services such as a mobile SIM card or public transport pass
  • Pre-book tourism activities and excursions

Once issued, visitors can use the Digital Tourism Pass QR code and facial recognition to seamlessly check-into their accommodation, claim any local services or products and activate any bookings they made pre-arrival.

The Digital Tourism Pass: giving your visitors peace-of-mind when they travel